Survivor-to-Survivor: A Media Resource Guide for Domestic Violence Victims in NC

The Survivor-to-Survivor project began from the desire of three domestic violence survivors to help other victims find a way to safety and recovery based on their own experiences of navigating the justice and advocacy system in our state. The result is a web-based, documentary-style resource guide designed to provide a visual toolkit of help and resources in North Carolina. This groundbreaking web- based resource guide, devoted to victim education and public awareness, will help diverse survivors and their allies as they decide if and how to utilize options within the civil and criminal justice system. Survivors of domestic violence share their stories and the choices they have had to make, putting the viewer directly into the experience of the survivor. Their stories are combined with interviews and information from many professionals with whom a survivor may come into contact, including judges, law enforcement, advocates, attorneys, faith leaders and mental health professionals. The content for this project was molded with the input of domestic violence survivors and experts from around the state. Cynthia Hill is an award-winning Durham-based documentary filmmaker who is also directing Private Violence (executive produced by Kit Gruelle and produced by Rebecca Cerese), a full-length documentary film that explores the complex issue of domestic violence and the impact of the battered women's movement. Janeen Gingrich, former Director of Programming at the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Director of Development at Legal Aid of North Carolina, is the project's co-director.

  • Cynthia Hill
  • Janeen Gingrich
  • Jennifer Cromling
  • Rex Miller
  • Rebecca Cerese
  • Dawn Dreyer
  • Ian Krabacher
  • Malinda Maynor Lowery
  • Alma Davis
  • Frances Battle
  • Robin Colbert
  • Cecilia Henaine de Davis
  • Maria Fryer
  • April Burgess-Johnson
  • Kit Gruelle
  • Rebecca Macy
  • Rovina Nimbalkar
  • Brenda Rivera-Sanchez
  • Jo Sanders

Project Funded By:

Governor's Crime Commission with support from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation and individual donors.

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